Shaping the mind with life skills


Cooking is not just an Art, Science and a craft, it also teaches the skillsets required to truly advance in life; such as teamwork, delegation, communication, organisation and respect. For students between the ages of 13-16, Young Chef equips it’s attendees with skills from table setting to food plating. Team build and have fun in the EasyChef Kitchen!


1-Day Programme

2018 Programme Dates
18, 25 August 
1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 September

*Dates are subject to change




4 hours ; 9am - 1pm



Learn the Art and Science of Cooking

Homemade Butter

Each student will over-whip butter to create curds, strain into a cheesecloth and drain. Divide in half, to salt one half while leaving the other plain, before pressing and forming. The students with experiment with flavorings, such as chile and seaweed. As a team they will also make butter with cream that has been left out overnight to ferment, to create a distinctive French tang. The butter will be also used in the preceding recipes.


Tenderizing Tough Meat Two Ways—One East, One West

The first way will be illustrated by braising a rendang, which also illustrates the unique-to-Asia reverse searing technique involving “tumis.” The students will learn how a tough cut of meat from a well-exercised part of the animal can be cooked in liquid—which conducts heat better than air (in, say, roasting), to reach the proper internal temperature that renders the collagen and connective tissue to produce a tender mouth feel, without squeezing the muscle fibers to expunge all moisture.



1-Day Programme: S$100 per participant

Price is subject to 7% GST


For more information or bookings, kindly email to or call +65 6416 6688.



  • Enrolment is a subject to availability and incomplete applications will not be processed
  • The programme is conducted in English and proficiency in the language is a requirement
  • Programme contents and all prices are subject to change


Price includes lunch and snacks. If your child is a vegetarian or doesn’t/can’t eat beef, pork, seafood, dairy or eggs, that’s cool! Just inform us beforehand in your child’s details online

Dress Code

  • Attire must allow for easy, comfortable movement
  • Covered shoes and long pants are required during the camp
  • No skirts/dresses/singlets allowed